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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some resources for your FAQs. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Why is it that sometimes the eggs are not all stamped?

When we process BORN 3 EGGS they are run past a printer that adds a stamp to the egg. Despite our best efforts a printer can on occasion go down and miss stamping the eggs. We have quality control mechanisms in place to ensure only BORN 3 EGGS end up in BORN 3 cartons.

Why are the eggs in the carton not always uniform in size?

Golden Valley Foods, distributors of BORN 3 EGGS,  has very good quality control procedures in place.  There are regulatory requirements to grade eggs for Medium, Large, Extra-Large and Jumbo based upon the weight.  Eggs have to be a minimum of 56 grams to be large. Our scales are computerized and recalibrated very often. If you get a carton that has both extra-large eggs and large size eggs, it appears that the large are undersized. In reality, the extra-large eggs are a “bonus”.

We at Golden Valley Foods and BORN 3 EGGS are very appreciative of your continued business and patronage.  We can and will continue to guarantee that all measures are taken on a daily basis in order to provide a quality, high standard product.

Why are the eggs not stamped?

New equipment purchases at Golden Valley Foods, distributor of BORN 3 EGGS have altered how our eggs are packaged, and therefore our eggs will no longer be stamped with the pink “Born 3” label. There are regulatory requirements in place to ensure that Born 3 Eggs are packaged in Born 3 cartons.

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