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Our Story

Born 3 Eggs is a family business based in Abbotsford, British Columbia that was founded by Frank Born in 1994 with the belief that if you feed a chicken a value-added diet, you can get a value-added egg.

BORN 3 BEGINNINGS – Frank Born grew up on his family farm in Abbotsford and later purchased the farm from his family in 1990.  Around this time he began working for a feed company that produced feed for egg-laying chickens as a sales and service representative. At the time Frank purchased the farm, there was little growth in the Canadian egg industry. Frank recognized this and conducted an in-depth literature review to better understand what was being done to improve national egg sales and to search for different ways to enhance the nutrition of the egg. He discovered research where flax seed was being used to try to increase Omega-3 in eggs. Seeing this as an opportunity, he consulted with his farm’s feed supplier to see if they could formulate a pure vegetarian feed. He also visited his local egg grading station and discussed the market feasibility of an egg product that had increased levels of Omega-3. After receiving positive feedback, Frank applied for and received some funding from the Science Council of B.C. and the National Research Council of Canada that went to the Food Science Department at UBC to help conduct analytical research. Frank set up a research facility at his farm where he tested four different balanced feed formulations to four separate groups of chickens.  Frank worked with poultry nutritionists, a veterinarian and the UBC Food Science Department for a full year to conduct research that would ultimately become the Born 3 proprietary feed recipe. After completing the necessary research and receiving approval from Health and Welfare Canada, Frank was able to start selling Born 3 Eggs. At the time these were the first Omega-3 enriched eggs to be produced and sold in the grocery stores of British Columbia.

Fast forward to today, Born 3 Eggs are sold exclusively throughout British Columbia. Born 3 works closely with local feed companies in the Fraser Valley that make the Born 3 proprietary feed and deliver the feed to local selected egg producers. Born 3 is proud to work with egg producers who are committed to providing nutritious eggs for British Columbians and visitors alike. The eggs from these family farms are then picked up and graded by a local grading station in the Fraser Valley.  Here the eggs are washed, graded to size and each of them is given a Born 3 stamp.  The eggs are then packaged in the new Born 3 recyclable packaging and shipped to most of the retail grocery stores in British Columbia.

Over the last three decades, Born 3 has evolved into a multi-generational family business that includes Frank, his wife, June, and his three sons, Jason, Steven and Kyle. They collectively work together to ensure that you can depend on being able to include Born 3 Eggs in all of your favourite recipes for generations to come.

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