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Born 3 OMEGA-3 Eggs

The BORN 3 EGGS are the result of extensive research partially funded by the National Research Council of Canada and the Science Council of B.C. aimed at modifying the fat in the egg yolk.Through an advanced formulation which removes all of the beef tallow (fat) and meat by-products, we have been able to develop an all vegetarian chicken feed. This premium vegetarian diet, contains a unique combination of ingredients such as flax seed, wheat, corn and soybean meal which together modify the fat in the yolk of the BORN 3 EGG.

For several years Born Poultry Farms worked with feed experts, dietitians and veterinarians on the development of this special feed formulation. When fed to the laying hens, this special diet produces a unique nutritional egg without altering the egg’s smell or taste. Various feed formulations containing flax seed, wheat, corn, extra vitamin E and soybean meal were tested and fed to 6000 chickens whose health and egg-laying performance were carefully monitored and documented. Eggs were collected every day and sent to the Food Science Department of the University of British Columbia for extensive sensory and fatty acid profile analysis. The chickens remained very healthy and in turn produced eggs that are proven to contain a unique difference. (Please see the nutritional comparison between the BORN 3 EGG and the regular egg.) Nutritional Information

This research culminated in the production of the BORN 3 EGG, a truly premium product which is an Excellent Source of Vitamin E, Low in Saturated Fat, and a Source of Omega 3 Polyunsaturates. All of this is accomplished without sacrificing any of the great taste and overall stability of traditional eggs.

Based on our research, we are confident that the BORN 3 EGG is truly a nutritionally enhanced premium egg which can be enjoyed any way you crack it. So if you want extra value, choose BORN 3 EGGS, and include them in all of your favourite recipes.

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