Born 3 New 'Vitamin D' Eggs

Born 3 Adds a Blast of Sun to their New 'Vitamin D' Eggs

Now in pulp/paper carton packaging.

Born 3 ingenuity comes up big, once again, in developing foods that are nutritious, healthy and natural. "Our goal at Born 3 is to continually apply our thinking to developing food products that meet the needs of today's savvy and demanding consumers" says Frank Born, President and founder of Born 3 Marketing Corp

"The Born 3 – Vitamin D egg is an easy and tasty way to get essential nutrients on a daily basis. We are spending less time exposed to the sun, whether it is being indoors more, gloomy weather or under the cover of sunscreens and clothing. We need to replace the Vitamin D that we normally get from the sun."

The addition of Vitamin D to the Omega 3, the high quality protein and the nutrients already found in the Born 3 eggs, make them a highly nutritious food product. Vitamin D is known to be an essential element necessary for...

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